Juli 18th, 2010 at 22:33 by Ben

Some weeks ago I had a small shooting at Pete and Tobi Reißmanns Xstar with Steffen Vollert on bo(a)rd. Our gain was to get at least one shot to be used for this years Chill And Ride poster. The problem was, that the motive was something I am not so much used to. We needed the rider just big in the sky, grabbing, without any relation to the surrounding or anything else. Just a “Rider in the Sky” as I normally avoid! ;)

This new target was not as easy as I thought, but after some minutes of “training” I got shots where no hand was cut of or the board wasn’t completely on my picture. Steffen gave his best, to grab his signature board – the NEWSCHNITZEL VS SWS – everywhere you can imagine! In the end we decided to take a boned Indy grab. Stylish one, Steffler!

Poster for Chill And ride 2010

Poster for Chill And ride 2010

The complete information about Chill And Ride 2010 can be found at mag71. So check it out! What I want to show you here additionally are some further shots from our shooting, which didn’t make it to print. Even if it’s been an unusual picture we where shooting it’s been funny to work for this. Just check some further ones in this small gallery. I also added 3 lifestyle shots of Sebi Thums, who joined us.

Thanks to Pete and Reto for again a nice session at your spot. Reto also for doing the layout of the poster! Well done, dude! And also thanks to Georg for driving the Xstar due to the reason, that Pete had to look for her son, Benedikt. Finally I have to give a big out to Steffen for being the “model” and doing what we wanted him to do. Just grabing as much and long as possible! ;) Good job!

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