November 8th, 2010 at 15:25 by Ben

As winter is approaching faster than expected, or at least the temperatures are not that cozy anymore, I had to end my season some weeks ago. The last cable shooting took place at Turncable Thannhausen, where this years Ropebash by Wakeboarder Europe Magazine took place. I was happy to be invited again and attended for some days. We had some nice setups for shooting, but the pictures can’t be shown by now. Maybe you’ll see some of them, taken by me or some of the other photogs in upcoming ads or magazines?! We’ll see.

But as I was cleaning up my harddisk, I found the shots of a shooting earlier this year, also at Thannhausen. Those shots were taken when Marvin Kalter and me were spending some days of nice shredding and shooting at this incredible cable spot! This shot of Marvin in this kitschy sunset was printed in Alliance Wake UK. I kinda like it.

Marvin Kalter

Marvin Kalter - printed in Alliance UK

The second afternoon Nico von Lerchenfeld and Felix Georgii joined us, so we decided to shoot some stepdown action. The following shot showing Nico was published in Unleashed #37. It was the first time I used my new fisheye and in the end I was quite happy with the output!

Nico von Lerchenfeld

Nico von Lerchenfeld - printed in Unleashed

But going that close to the action can be dangerous, too. As Nico and I wanted to get a super close one, he nearly crashed into me. It’s only because of Nico’s awareness of his board, that he managed not to hit me. Thanks again at this point!  The following shot was taken just some hundredth before the “nearly impact”! :p Maybe I wouldn’t write about that, if he didn’t manage the situation. What I learned in this situation: also photographers need a helmet, if they go that close! Hopefully I will remember that, next time!

Nearly crash with Nico

Nearly crash with Nico

I’m happy to show you also some selected pics of that sessions, which didn’t make it into print. I do like them, so that’s the reason why I put them into a small gallery. If you want top just have a short look at them. Or maybe even a long one… ;)

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