November 12th, 2010 at 14:53 by Ben

This week began with a small selection of a shooting I did this summer and it should end with another one. Searching for a picture of Lukas Suess, for his interview just some days ago, I found a selection, which I hadn’t published yet, because some magazines weren’t sure, if they want to use some of those shots. As they didn’t I can show those to you, now! So here is the shot of Luki, you might already have seen in his interview.

Lukas Suess

Lukas Suess

And there are still some more which didn’t make it to print anywhere but I kinda like. If you are interested, just have a short look at them. Won’t take you long as it’s just a very small gallery. If you want to see more, you may visit the album at, where you find shots I published right after the event.

Again big respect to those guys from UNIT Parktech, who made Wake The Line 2010 taking place and installed some sick obstacles. Of course also thanks to those riders, who have shown the action we wanted! Nico, Luki, Jan, Shawn and all those others: just STEEEEZY! And now: enjoy…

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