Januar 24th, 2011 at 12:51 by Ben

Some two weeks ago I attended the first stop of this years Chill And Destroy Slopestyle Tour. As Arosa has been host for the final within the last seasons, it was this time place for the 1st stop. The setup was nice as expected, but unfortunately the big kicker which was built just for the contest couldn’t get into the scoring due to extremely windy conditions. Anyway a good competition!

#73 Philip Pradella

#73 Philip Pradella

Maybe you have already seen those shots at the chillanddestroy.com website. If not, check them out and see also the selection of Andreas Mohaupt, who built the photog team with me during this stop. Always – or maybe nearly always (hehe) – a pleasure to work with him!

Here is a small gallery of my favorites and those podium pics, which of course need to be published as well, to honor the girls and boys who rocked the contest most…

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