Juni 25th, 2010 by Ben

One year passed so fast and now it’s nearly again time for the Board Fusion Photo and Filming Session at Wakepark Thulba. The big success last year showed us, that there should be again a big party and maybe something special at Thulba. That is why we decided, to kick the “contest” and instead create something new, that hasn’t been done before.

First of all we needed a new “Cover” and that is, why I was shooting with Britta and Simm at the studio of a local TV-Station. Our shooting was really funny and in the end we had a good selection of pictures. Finaly Facy, the creative guy who designed the poster together with organizing this event in coop with me and of course some help by others, used one of the last shots we took. I think it’s again a good one and of course, the subject of last year is now used in a new way.

Poster of the 2nd Board Fusion - CaD meets RA

Poster of the 2nd Board Fusion - CaD meets RA

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Dezember 9th, 2009 by Ben

Wakeboard-Season is over for about 2 month now. At least in Germany! In order to survive during the winter, we need stuff like a strong memory of our past sessions, pictures and reports in magazines, online as well as printed and probably movies are the media which make us wanting to travel to a place where we can ride, the most! So what we do, is wait for new stuff all winter long. DVD productions are quite rare and so we need those good films, which are spread through the Internet!

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